Played/Watched status not being retained on some episodes



Hi guys,
I am having issues with the played/watched status not being set on some specific episodes. It doesn't matter which client I am using, the watched status doesn't stick for these particular episodes. I've tried to set the entire season to played, which seems to work, but then as soon as you go back in it's back to where it was. This has been happening for a while now. Almost seems like corrupt DB entries. Any ideas?

PMS v1.13.2.5154 on Windows 10 (but was happening on previous versions).
Various clients - Xbox One, Web, PMP, IOS, Android.


@amnee said:
Almost seems like corrupt DB entries.

A good hypothesis. But before we pursue this, verify another thing:
How many Plex clients do you have? (each open web browser tab with the plex web app loaded also counts as one plex client)
Do you have plex clients open, with those episodes in question still in 'paused' mode?
If so, close them. Stop playback. Dismiss the 'player bar' with the small red x (in the plex web app).

If you have verfied the above, now onto the 'damaged database' hypothesis:

  1. activate debug logging (not 'verbose'!)
  2. quit Plex Server
  3. wait 1 minute
  4. start Plex Server
  5. wait 5 minutes
  6. fetch log files and attach them here

Or inspect them yourself. Take a look at the Plex Media Server.log file and seek for messages about database corrupt or malformed.
If you find these, you may have to repair your database.
(updated procedure vor PMS 1.13.2 and above)