Player setting won’t save on my Samsung tv app



Please help can’t figure out how to get my settings to save


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Can you give a little more information?
Which settings don’t save?
How are you changing the settings, for instance from playlist or from preferences?



If you are having trouble with settings that won’t save, you may need to unplug the TV for a minute.
Really unplug it from the wallsocket (turning it off is not enough) and leave like that for a minute.
Additionally you can reset the app from the preferences > advanced tab, or just reinstall the app.


I go under preferences and go to the player and the setting won’t save


Instead of spamming the forum, tell me exactly what you are trying to do, step by step and where it goes wrong.
I tried , but I’m unable to reproduce the app “not saving the player settings”

The setting under preference is a preset , meaning the app will use that by default “if it can” .
So do not expect to set it to Direct Play and then being able to play everything you want.
If the video has video, audio or subtitles it cannot play in direct mode, the app will switch to transcoding.
Also if the server limits the bandwidth you may use it’s possible it will pick transcoding to lower the bitrate.

If you want to learn more on how the app works, I recommend you to download the manual from the link below


I’m sorry I didn’t mean to post all of those the computer I was using was acting up and I hit the button to many times but what I was doing is going on the app and going under my preferences and going under the player and turn on the auto adjust transcoding quality but then every time I back all the way to were the movies and stuff are it doesn’t save


That was indeed a bug , but it has been fixed in version 2.010

Fixed: The displayed indicator for 'Auto adjust transcoding quality' would not stay 'on'.


How do I update the app I have the 2.009 verison


Updating is not possible until it gets released in the store, but you can “Side-Load” it by downloading the zip file and putting it on a USB stick. Check here for instructions.
Only if you have a 2015 model, this doesn’t work anymore, since Samsung removed side-loading on those models.