I can't play any media on my Plex Smart Tv app. and always the same error. "PLAYER ERROR CONNECTION FAILED" I'm sending the log files as your instruuction.

20:17 UTC+3


2016 Samsung TV by the way.


same here Samsung 2016 suhd 65"


was told by Samsung support , that files arent the same format with plex media server
downloaded .mkv file not the same with plex media server , it shows a different format with the rest of the other files


Plex you guys have some answering to do , I really enjoy your application and thank you for the use of your product , but something is definately not working with it right now .


Do I have to purchase plex do use the sync feature in the server application ? somebody has to say something here .


I tried all formats. I even changed some files to Plex's own format and didn't work.


Same problem here. :-( 65KS7005


same here. 50ku7000.
btw, I think the problem started after a firmware update by Samsung.


same problem. i am desperate. help.


please fix samsung - plex app


Any news on this???


+1 please fix. thanks!


it's fixed. and I didn't do anything. either application or plex media server had an aotu update and they fixed the problem. I dont know?


@"" which version do you have? server and player?

my server on 1.4.1 and player 3.0.6. ı have updated server tonight to 1.4.1 and nothing changed. there is no update for tv app.


same here with Samsung 60ks8000. I'm a newbie to plex, I see all of the library videos with thumbnails and features and streaming with my laptop is ok but getting error message with my new Samsung TV.


i still have this problem. anyone to help?


Please fix Plex! Do you hear us?


still nothing.


Using Plex 3.0.9 on my Samsung KS7090. Worked until 2 or 3 days ago. Now Plex can't play anything. If I enable DLNA in the Plex server settings I can play all files without problems with the Samsung Mediaserver App.

Plex please fix your app.