Players using managed user accounts cannot be found by Alexa



Is this something that can be added in the near future?



Ditto. We have three user accounts (for content control and watched status tracking), and Alexa only works if the master account is being used on the device. When my child account is in use Alexa says that Plex is not running on the device.


Same here. Looked really promising and useful and then hit the brick wall of needing the master account.

Would be good to be able to set the Account as well Player and Server.


Add me to the list. One interesting thing to add, while I can hide certain libraries from the On Deck and other start page lists, they still get recommended when asking Alexa. So that way of filtering out non-kid-friendly titles is circumvented by the Alexa skill.


If you haven't read the FAQ, give it a quick review.

Managed users are not currently supported.


Just came to look here if this was a thing as I had the same problem with my Roku.

Add me to the list requesting this feature as it really doesn't make sense not to be able to do this. Most annoying that you can set the default player to your roku but when you switch user it says that your roku player is not available and won't play. Must see each managed user as a different device but highly annoying it won't do this and hope it can be added quickly.


Same issue here. It's an odd problem since you can play or fling from one device on one account to another on a separate one. My iPhone, logged in with master, can command my roku, logged in with family, to play a video. Seems the functionality is already there. Hopefully not too complicated to implement.


I know it is not supported yet, but would like this as a future feature for the Alexa Skill. I'd like to put in my vote for this as well.


I second this feature request. Plex is almost always running on our Roku, but it could be logged in as any of three accounts, depending on whose watching.


so plex pass users getting the shaft is what your saying and people that set up account and sharing without plexpass its working fine for........if im gonna set up user accounts for everyone in my household.......I guess no point having plexpass anymore lol......its literly the only thing I use from additional features lol


Put my name down as another requesting this! :)


Same here, add me to the enhancement list (if there is one).


This is something that really needs to be supported. Very disappointing for plex pass holders as managed accounts are used allot.


Still not fixed as of 3rd June 2018!

Having to be logged into the main account (which we only use for admin) makes it all useless.


+1 here......No point in forcing these commands on the Main Account Profile. That profile is strictly for Admin and is NEVER used.

We need Alexa to be able to use Manage Profiles on Plex