Playlists remotely not availible in the Sonos app




I've made some playlists with the Plex web app. I also own some Sonos device, and this is realy working great with Plex server. So the playlists are visible in my own network. When someone remotely with Sonos devices in the house want to acces the playlisis on the Sonos app there not visible. Accesing the library with the cd's is not a problem just the playlists are not visible. Does someone know whats is going on?


Plex playlists are per-user, regardless of the client. They won’t be able to view the playlists you’ve created in any Plex client, not just Sonos.


Hi @johnclayton , Thank you for answering my question.

I really like to see a feature were I can make playlist on the Plex server and make it available for all clients. Like Apple Music or Spotify is doing. Please your input!


Hey there, @MvL, have you taken a look at collections? They don’t have all the same functionality as a playlist, but shares a lot of the qualities.

If that doesn’t do what you’re thinking, you’ll want to post in the server or feature request forums.


Hi @johnclayton, thank you for your help! I vote in the feature request section for a similar request.