Please devs release Roku Plex outside the proprietary store! Some of us cannot access it!



I recently got a free rebranded Roku device from my ISP. Unfortunately some faceless suit at the company thought Plex would hurt the bottom line and they do not offer it on their app store.

I can access dev mode and 'sideload' an old version of Plex from github but the version is quite dated and is missing all of development work from at least the last two years that has made the user experience a lot more palatable.

Could we get a version from outside the Official Roku Store? If you were releasing the source code only two years ago in 2016 I don't see why we can't have at least an official build available somewhere else in 2018 -- unless there has been a considerable change in policy and philosophy at Plex...


Since the developer mode uses a version of the code that can be directly read and even changed and Plex considers the code for the new version(s) proprietary they will never release the new Plex app in a manner that can be side loaded.

The new version of Plex has little or none of the code from two years ago so the ability to side load the old code in no way implies that the new code will also be able to be side loaded.


Hmm, that’s what I suspected.

What a combo of bad luck that:

  1. Roku dev mode reads plaintext source files (only?)
  2. Plex goes proprietary
  3. Telstra doesn’t support Plex

The consumer screwed again by closed source systems. Particularly the Australian consumer.


No its Plex mate. Plex doesnt give a ■■■■ about anyone except the US. Their precious source code for a media player, how pathetic. So look into Kodi, look into alternate systems. Plex has become commercial and proprietary and unless they’re making money off you they don’t give a slightest crap about you