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First of all: Search is your friend! Use it! Your question might already be answered.

Start off by reading this thread so you avoid asking questions about things that might have been answered already and to get up to speed with the latest news.

Also check out the extensive manual for your version of the app, you can download it here

It's considered a bit rude to ask questions without you trying to look for the answers yourselves. Why would other people spend their time answering your questions, if you can't be bothered to look for them?

So do it, people will love you for it and you might learn something new in the process.

Ok, so you looked for it everywhere, but didn't find what you were looking for? No problem, we might be able to help.

Now telling us "It doesn't work" will get you nowhere, we are not clairvoyant you know!

In order to better assist you with any issue you might be having, we would like you answer the following questions when posting your issue or question. (and attach logs as mentioned below)

This will allow the community to more quickly identify your issue and give and accurate response to what might be causing it.

For easier reading of the PMS.log, please post your issue promptly after you have encountered it.

If you don't have time for that then please make sure you have reproduced the error just before uploading the PMS.log.

When posting any bugs please answer these questions:

  • What model device do you have? (Can be found in the App under Preferences > About)

  • Which version of the App are you running? (Can be found in the App under Preferences > About)

  • How is your TV/BD-Player connected to your network, wired or wireless? (Can be found in the App under Preferences > About)

  • What platform do you use to run your Plex Media Server on? (Mac, Windows, Linux, Nas, etc)

  • Which version of the PMS software are you running?

  • Are you using a local server or are we talking remote connection?

  • What are the steps that we need to take to reproduce your problem?

  • What type of media are you having issues with? (try to get the MediaInfo for it with this application)

  • Does it happen with every file of this media type or just some?

In many cases we require you to attach a log file so we can understand what is going on. Here is how you make one:

  • 1. Enable debugging in the app under Preferences -> General -> Send debug to PMS 
    (this is important, else we will not get any logging from the app)

  • 2. Reproduce your error.

  • 3. Find the logfile on your PMS server.

    -- Mac Plex Media Server
    On Mac Plex Media Server (PMS Log)
    ~/Library/Logs/Plex Media Server.log

    -- Windows Plex Media Server
    On Windows 7/8/2008/WHS v2 Plex Media Server
    %userprofile%\appdata\local\Plex Media Server\Logs\Plex Media Server.log

    On Windows XP/2003/WHS v1 Plex Media Server
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Plex Media Server\Logs\Plex Media Server.log

    -- Linux Plex Media Server
    /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/Plex Media Server.log

  • 8. Attach your PMS log. (use the [Use Full Editor] button to do so)

  • 9. Disable debugging in the app. (It will just slow things down)

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