Plex @ Debian swallows my ENTIRE Internet upload bandwidth WITHOUT any playback activity



My upload max is 120 Mbps and was flat. I stop the service plexmediaserver and everything return to normal. Didn't have this issue with any version before. Any clue why?


There’s something else going on.
Do you have Debug (not Verbose) log files I can see? I’ll take a look for something obvious but PMS doesn’t behave this way.


Thank you for your quick reply. Attached are my logs. Hope that helps.


You have a bunch of streaming activity as well as metadata updating. Additionally, PMS is doing deep analysis on several pieces of media.

If your media is external (Cloud), and it is performing deep analysis on that media, it is very likely PMS is saturating your internet. Not only upload but also download.

Is it possible you’re seeing PMS simply getting itself fully updated at the metadata level?


You are right ChuckPA. I give it some time and eventually relaxed. Took it about 20 minutes!

Thank you again for your quick reply.


Glad I could help. :slight_smile: