Plex 3.20.4/5 Full Screen vs Close



Pick any application on a PC, Mac, Android (except Plex web app). Open it and look in the upper right hand corner of that window. Maybe even open a few... Check that upper right corner.
Now open the Plex Web App. And recall what used to be in that upper right corner vs. what's in the right hand corner now.

I'm still in the habit of going to the upper right to close a currently playing show or movie and going to the lower right to go or leave full screen.

Please find whoever thought this was a good idea and dump a bunch of glitter into his office chair for me.



Plex Team,

While I do like the updated styling on the player, in addition I find the removal of using the ESC key to close the video a bit of a loss. Previously when I wanted to close a video from full screen I would press ESC ESC in quick order and the video is gone.
To nauip's point, now I have to hunt down a little x with my mouse vs pressing one of the most accessible keys on my keyboard.

Thanks for your consideration!


@Zaphod - if you have the old Chrome App (from the Google Store) installed it still functions like the old web app.

Since the introduction of all the pretty-pretty that breaks all the old functionality I've started using the Chrome App for Plex. Scroll wheel for volume is still working, too!


The Chrome App will be killed off in just two weeks! HELP!!! What are we to do? The web app is currently broken with the controls in the wrong places and mouse wheel volume control.

Will the chrome app still work after Oct 24? Or will it simply cease to function?


Please put Close and Full Screen back in the correct place!


Chrome App still continues to work and hopefully will remain working until this nuisance is fixed!

Not sure why this discussion is marked as "Answered" because it's not!


the removal of using the ESC key to close the video

Pressing x will now do this, if that helps!