Plex Add-on - Kodi



Hi. I really really would like the ability to add Plex to the shortcut screen under videos instead of going into video addons every time . Is there a solution for this?


Known Issue.

"To get it working, i added Plex to favourites, and then went in and added the shortcut menu via the favourites, instead of using the one placed under video add ons."

Try that.


Is this with confluence skin? I get no options for favorites




I just installed it. I didn't have to do anything and I'm not even on my network. It works great. Perfect! Works as if I was using my favorite player at home lol. The movie posters looks crystal clear as if I click open the pick right from the folder. Why is it so nice? =D>


@asaintfort so you added to video submenue and Plex just runs when clicking on it?


@jbac13 You "add to favorites" via the context menu (c on the keyboard). I'm running Aeon Nox skin and don't have "Videos" enabled as a menu item, but I think you would just select add-ons from the Video section, cursor to Plex, hit "C" on the keyboard and choose "Add to favorites".


@ jbac13