Plex / Alexa - Changing users



I don't have Alexa, yet. We use Plex with user accounts.
The adult accounts require a 4 digit pin to log in on the player.
The child accounts don't have a pin, and restrict movies that can be watched by age.

What is the command to change user, and log in with / without pin-locked accounts?


"Alexa, ask Plex to change user to Lisa, the pin number is 1234"

"Alexa, ask Plex to change user to Ben"

I want to ensure this is possible before dropping cash on echos for all rooms.
And does the music from Plex play on the echo's speaker?


Does not currently do what you are asking.
Alexa won’t even launch the Plex app unless you add other hardware(Harmony Hub) and configure it correctly.


I bought a Google Home instead. Plex is not officially supported for GH, so I’ll be using the 3rd party FlexTv plugin instead for a while, then I’ll be cancelling Plex membership and getting emBy if Plex continue to ignore Google Home.