PLex and Fetch TV Mighty



Hi I'm loving plex as a server for my fetch mighty, streams well. but am having a few issues with the naming showing in fetch client. Marvels Agents of shield shows as Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L with no Sx.Ex and no EPISODE TITLE, Mr. Robot is showing the same symptoms as in it show Mr only plus no additional info. with Mr Robot this is only a recent occurrence as other episodes were listed with the full name and i think the season and episode info. Other shows get good and all information on the client.

I'm not sure if this is a plex issue or client issue either way is there a way to modify the output to make it more compatible with the fetch TV.

Note these are the only cripes i have with plex as i find it really great at its job of streaming, just the listings make it hard to follow and see what episode you are watching.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanx in advance.


I’d love to get it to work to help. Do you mean you are using a Plex app on the Fetch TV box? Or, you have a Plex server and streaming on Fetch TV box via Media Hub? I can get that to work but not installing a Plex app.


Hi I’m just using the DLNA side of the fetch as there is no Plex app for the system, seems the passing of the names that have a period in them truncate. I have tried other servers and plex seems to be the most reliable of them all. Would changing he file name to something else help to fix this.


Ah yes, I see what you mean. Yes, the full stop/period does seem to be the problem. Still, not sure where it gets the name from unless the Plex server is looking up the internet and storing locally and passing to DLNA/Fetch. So yea, maybe try changing the name and refresh Plex library and see?