Plex android app doesn't recognize external storage correctly



Hello plex-community,

I’m using pms and the android app since years. I usually sync my latest mp3s to my mobile. Recently I had to reinstall the plex app. Since the reinstallation I could not sync to my external storage. Under sync settings plex offers me both storages, but for both it shows only the empty amount of the internal storage. On my internal storage I have only 1 GB available, but on my SD I have 25 GB. In the attached pics you see my android memory status and the choice plex gives me.

I already tried to use the external storage, hoping that the app uses more storage than shown, but it doesn’t. Sync stops at 800 MB.

Before the reinstallation I didn’t had such problems. Nothing on my phone changed. I’m using Android 6 on a Huawei P8. External storage is mounted under


Is there any solution or workaround to solve this problem?

Hope you understand everything, I’m not a native speaker. If you need any additional information, just ask.

best regards and thanks for your help


Same problem here. Renders my 64GB SD Card pretty useless :(


But it seems, that nobody is able to help. Nobody even tries to...

First time I have a question and nobody feels responsible.


Is there any way to highlight this question again? :(


Just bought an android phone for my sister. It's a Huawei Y6 II, and it has the same problem as my Mate 8. Now I have two phones where I can't use Plex Sync.


Hello, i've got the same problem. Hope a solution will arrive.


Hi, i'va got the same problem. I have a card with a lot of space but i can't synchronize on it :(
Could you do something to solve this problem !?
Synchronization is a good tool but not usable unfortunately


Same problem. Try many options (format SD CARD, etc..), Only Plex not access to SD Card.

Maby a problem with API Android in version 7 ?

Any futur update and correct app Android ?

If try with another phone in Android 6, this option work fine.


This thread is a prime example why I’m starting to regret my decision of jumping on the Lifetime Bandwagon. No response from devs, no aknowledgement, no nothing. No bugtracker, no ticketing system, no support… I’ve started testing Emby, and I must say, the only thing holding me back is their “interesting” premiere limitations.


Yeah, the problem is still not solved. Thanks for the hint with emby. I didn’t heard of it before. Seems to be pretty. I think I will also have a look at it. For me emby also has the big advantage of handling podcasts… Beside e-book handling, I’m waiting for podcasts to be integrated in plex since years… But I think I would be a bit sad about my lifetime payment. But on the other hand it was years ago… Maybe it’s time for something new… B) I will try…


Yo, @developers, has this issue been acknowledged? I’m trying to set up my daughters tablet and use PLEX’s built in Sync feature to transfer hundreds of kid’s tv show episodes and movies to the tablet.


Any body online ? Or work on this problème it’s amazing that nobody respond !!! :#




Same problem for me too


I know this is going to sound like teaching grandma to suck eggs, but did you all try altering the storage limit in Plex? I just added a card to my daughter’s tablet, and the storage location showed the same limit as the built in storage. But, clicking on ‘storage limit’ above it gave me the option to increase it. It seems that it just defaults to show them as the same.