Plex Android Sync - Storage not freeing up after deleting sync.



Hi everyone,

I have some issues with sync. I sync a number of libraries/playlists to my android phone, plus I sync my entire music library (about 100GB) so I can listen when there is no internet on my phone.

With the new update for Android, I decided to delete the Music sync, and resync with the newly available "Original Quality" setting (rather than 320kbps). There are now 2 issues with this:

1: (minor) - I noticed that in the web ui, under activity --> sync, there is no option to sync Music at Original quality, and in fact it says it is syncing at 192Kbps. I think this is a cosmetic issue though, as I noticed that most sync items were not being sent for conversion (except for some m4a files).

2: (major, for me) - when I deleted the old Music sync, I expected to see space being freed up. But somehow it's cached, and not re-usable. I have restarted server, restarted app, still same issue. I even went as far as "delete all sync'd content" (which was a faff, since I didn't want to resync my other libraries again), that just made the problem worse - more space not being freed up.

Finally the solution is to uninstall plex from Android, and re-install. I don't want to keep doing this every time I manually delete a sync item.

Does anyone have an alternative solution here? Is there an open feature request to "clear cache" that's in the pipeline? If not - how to I raise it?


bump, am I in the wrong forums?


Hi. I had the same issue. Tried to sync my 80GB mudic library. It failed several times but the storage is not freed. I had to format my external sd Card to regain the space. I'm now waiting for more answers on this issue before trying to sync again...


I've had loads of problems with syncing at original quality for a very long time now

Keep reporting through the app, but it's still not working. It seems that you are getting a bit further along as mine won't even complete the sync. It gets to just over 90% and then borks out.

I have also noticed the space issue, although it does eventually go down, but not consistently.

Sync is definitely an issue, at least on Android. The only way I've managed to get it working is by selecting a much lower quality setting. Even then though, there is an issue when using the synced music as it will consistently stop playing after a set amount of time. I have to force stop the app to continue playing