Plex App (Android) - Song titles not changing



When I use the Plex app to play an entire album, the song title never changes. So if the first song is called "A" and the second is called "B", then while "B" plays, Plex still calls it "A". The song's progress bar moves, so I know that Plex's display is not frozen (and audio playback is fine)... but the song title never gets updated.

Is there a fix?


I have exactly the same problem on Android 6. It previously worked fine but not since a recent app update.


I have the same issue, it didn't use to be this way too. I'll play an album from my plex music library from the android app, cast the music to chromecast audio in my house. It plays the correct order but the android app shows title of the first track only no mater how many songs it plays through.

Android app version:
Plex Server on Freenas 11 U4, installed in a jail with plex pass version:
Chromecast Audio configured through the Home app

For what it's worth, when i go into the web application and look at what's "now playing", it lists the correct song information. That makes me believe it's an issue with the plex android app.


I've tried Plex on 2 different Androids, and both of them fail to update song titles; the title stays "stuck" on whichever song I played first. When I listen to multiple unfamiliar albums in a row, I often have no idea what I'm listening to. This is annoying!

I wonder if it has something to do with Chromecast. Here's what I noticed:

I haven't bought the Plex app yet (in part because of this bug), and notice that if I just play it on the app, each song only plays for 59 or 60 seconds and then I have to manually resume it. If I stream Plex to my Chromecast, the 60 second interruption does not happen. This is nice, because I can play songs without interruption, but maybe a side effect is the app is not able to keep "in sync" with what is playing on the Chromecast... Or something.

Any ideas? Does the bug only seem to happen when using the app with Chromecast? (So, is the browser version okay?) I haven't tested anything other than app+Chromecast yet, mostly because I have been very busy with Xmas shopping and everything!


It's not Chromecast causing it, as I don't use one but still have the issue where the song title doesn't advance. I haven't used Plex to play music on my phone recently, so I'll load up some songs and see if it still happens with the latest beta build, and I'll report back with my findings.


To clarify my previous post, when using Plex in my car and connected to my stereo via Bluetooth, in the past I would notice that the song title would not advance. I've never had it not advance when just playing back on my phone. Tomorrow during my commute to and from work I will test the latest build I have and let you know my results.


Same here with a brand new LG V30. Any suggested fixes yet? My guess is it's Plex not Chromecast causing it.


Same issue for me too on Chromecast. Makes it impossible to pause or skip while a playlist is playing.


Same issue when casting from Android app to Chromecast Audio or connected to Bluetooth.


I do have the exact same issue with Chromecast Audio and my Android device (S8) running the latest Plex client version. Can Plex work on a fix for this issue? It is really annoying and doesn't look professional...


Ditto to the prior car comments. Today I tried Google Play Music and.. that one works. At the end of the song, it rolls over to the next one. So this seems squarely an issue in the Plex Android app. You can get the plex ap to update the song title with a skip next skip back but that is a hassle it should smoothly roll over to the next title name as Play Music does over BT.


Still no fix after more than 2 months, paid for plex pass so I could view lyrics, this isn't possible cuz the song won't change.


So basically this issue happens whenever the plex android app is pushing music to either chromecast or bluetooth. It would be nice if plex would acknowledge that they see this error or ask us for information on how to replicate the issue on their own.


I'm been having this major issue for months now. Apart from being only cosmetic, this bug has an impact on the lyrics being shown.

Plex developers, please acknowledge the issue and provide a fix.


Same problem here. I have Plex server and am using an Android phone to play the songs from that server. If I load a playlist and play the songs on the phone, all is well. If I instead cast the music to Chromecast audio, the song display on the phone no longer change. The progress bar is fine, but the name of the song and album cover continue to reflect the song that was being played when casting began.


By the way, the Server Status screen shows the correct song (I run the Plex Server in Windows 10)


I do see this issue now fixed with the latest android plex client update version I use chromescast audio. Song titles are now changing in my plex app on my samsung S8 which wasn't the case since last year. Shouldn't we expect Plex to update us through this forum? It seems to me that thread on their Forum is totally useless... Does someone know how Plex communicate their bug fix?


Issue fixed for me with most recent android client and chromecast audio. The song title show correctly. Thanks plex for fixing the issue!


Mine also stopped advancing song titles. It started this a long while back, probably when this thread was started. Potentially with 8.1. It started with a Pixel 1. It still happens on Pixel XL and Pixel 2 XL on 3 different Bluetooth stereos today. All on the latest Plex app version and latest firmware for 3 stereos.

Is this a Plex problem, or Pixel Oreo issue?


Issue has also been fixed for me for the last couple of weeks.
S7 casting to chromecast audio.