Plex App battery drain



I have a windows-based tablet PC that I use as a media player. As I'm really used to Plex and love it, I decided to give a windows app a shot.
Well, after I installed the app, watched a show, closed the app and put the tablet to sleep - the bettery went down by about 30% over 1 single night (normally it's about 4-6%).
Running powercfg /sleepstudy reported that the the app that was causing sleep issues is plex:
99% Active time
Activators -> PLM -> CAF9E577.Plex_....
AudioTaskCompletion 32972550 ms
TaskEntryPoint: Plex.Tasks.AudioPlaybackBackgroundTaskRunner


I want to stress it out, that the app was closed (it wasn't showing in the task bar).
Obviously, I tried installing/reinstalling the app, still no luck. After the app is run at least once, the task is running and draining battery like crazy.
Can someone help me with this? I will provide any info required.


Hi @ANTONBORODA. Would you be interested in testing a private build on the Windows Store to confirm if this issue has been fixed? If so, I'd need you to DM me your Windows Store account email address in order to include you in the distribution list.


@ANTONBORODA, Plex may not have been visible in the task bar, but did you check the system tray (arrow icon pointing up on the task bar's far right)?