Plex app for Panasonic viera TV in Europe



hello, the application is available for all regions of the world except Europe. can a plex staff member tell me when the Plex app will be available for Panasonic TVs in Europe? thank you.



I am really interested too! Official answer from Plex would be nice.


it’s available now


Yep. Now available in UK


Super ! It’s available in France today ! Thank you.


Alléluia! [FR]
I could unplug the chromecast device.


Installed and trying it out. No options to set up DVR recordings (hopefully will be added soon), layout good and wife friendly. Tried first streams and recorded TV from Nvidia shield looks good. Played Dredd which is a MKV made from a Blu-ray and had the odd pause/skip then it dropped out. Maybe the shield is not up to the transcoding demands?