Plex app for Windows (PC & Mobile) has not been updated in a very looooong time.



I joined as a PlexPass member hoping for great support to its Windows app, but I've been disappointed by seeing several months passing by without any update. The app not only has fallen way behind in terms of features with respect to other Plex apps on other platforms, but it has also become more and more unstable as newer versions of the server have been released.

Issues that are making my Windows PC & Mobile Plex apps almost unusable:

  • "Error creating a new Play Queue: The Play Queue does not contain any media" while trying to play photos/videos I have uploaded to my NAS server (Qnap) in recent months. This happens to both my PC & Mobile Plex apps.

  • Random "Error downloading data from server: Arg_TimeoutException" error while trying to browse local music content synced to my Windows Mobile phone.

  • "Error: Unable to create audio track" while trying to play some local songs that were synced to my Windows Mobile phone.

  • "Private network not available on cellular connection" while trying to connect to my Plex Server at home via a VPN connection from my Windows Mobile phone.

  • Random crashes, especially while switching between apps on Windows Mobile.

Feature request:

  • I synced lots of music albums to my Windows Phone Plex app. When browsing them works, it still takes a lot of effort with one's finger to slide up through all the albums. It would be great that such list of synced albums supported alphabetical grouping (standard in Windows interfaces) in order for one to quickly jump to a particular letter.

In summary, I was very pleased to see newer versions of the Plex app for Xbox One and Samsung TV, with very welcoming improvements, especially in performance (very noticeable!) and stability. Please release an update for the Windows app with similar improvements.



I suggest checking this thread from time to time - we have been promised some update on Windows store app development there:

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


DITTO!! Same problem here. Keep getting Arg_TimeoutException error trying to play synced content.


@jkbuckethead said:
DITTO!! Same problem here. Keep getting Arg_TimeoutException error trying to play synced content.

Just click retry once or twice and the files will show up and you can play them.

pretty ducked up that i have paid for plex pass and this crap has not been fixed in over a year.