Plex App Issue on Samsung TV (UN48J520DAF) - App constantly reboots after selecting user



Looking to see if others are experiencing this odd issue...

App on my Samsung TV started hanging a few days ago and so I removed it and re-installed it. Upon re-install, the app will start, request to be linked to a Plex Account, prompt for user selection, then almost immediately (you see the bar quickly appear where you can select a different server etc.) it reboots the Plex app, re-prompts for user selection, then again immediately reboots the app... Over and over again.

Troubleshooting Steps

Removed the App and re-installed - I've done this multiple times and each time I unplugged the tv, restarted it and then dowloaded the app, re-linked it to my account.

I created a new Plex account with only one server (Version attached as a "friend" to my master account, and the app works just fine. However, when I share my Cloud server (Version with this new account, it now restarts the app when I try to bring up the Server Options to choose the cloud server.

I have "stopped" my cloud server and have removed the friend/sharing cloud server ( but my main account still will not work properly with the Samsung TV.

Any suggestions? It has been working quite well previously, other than the typical cloud problems that have plagued everyone.

Samsung TV (UN48J520DAF) TV Firmware Version 1105 (latest version)
Plex App Version 2.009
Plex Server (Version
Plex Cloud (Version