Plex app on Smart TV LG 55EG910V compatible with Plex Home / Parental Controls?



Good morning, I own this TV from december 2015, I'd like to implement the Plex Home / Parental Controls for my entire library to be used safely by my two childrens (5 and 10 years old), till now I've different library organized as Parents, Family, Child but without any restrictions.

I'm using the official Plex app bought from the store available in my Smart TV, my question is if this app is compatible with Plex Home / Parental Controls as I'd like to implement them but, for what I know, I've to subscrive to Plex Pass in order to use this feature.

Thank you, regards.


The majority of the Parental Control is handled on the Server side based on the managed users you create in your Plex Home.

Once you have a managed user setup on the server and restrict their content and library access on the TV it is just a matter switching between users.

For instance I have a Plex Home and 2 kids.
I setup a home and create a user called Kids and give them access to TV and Movie library for ratings PG-13 and below with no PIN setup for this user.
On my main account I have a PIN setup and it is allowed to access all content.

On the TV if you select “Kids” it lets you in with no PIN and you can get to any PG-13 and below content.
If you select “Main user” it requires a PIN and with the correct PIN you get access to all content.

My understanding is that these Plex clients support user switching which includes yours.


Hi nokdim, thank you very much for your reply, it sounds very very interesting.

For what I’m understanding I’ve before to define appropriate rate content (I mean PG-xx) on my data and after to create specific users to be associated to the previous data.

One question: if I create a user to see only ratings PG-13 and below once logged in he will see only that data in Plex client app ? Or he can view the entire library but when he decide to view a movie (e.g. PG-18) the Plex will prompt for a PIN ?



Some data or content gets rating info via their agents if not you can manually specify the rating or you can also use the “Label” value to allow access, so label an item as “Kids” and Kids have access to it just like ratings but less dynamic.

If you limit a users access they only see the items you restricted them to so Kids will not even be able to even see the Movie items rated above PG-13, they will only see the content they are allowed to view.

You can fast switch between users so you can switch from “Kids” to Main user with correct PIN very quickly to gain access to content other users may not have access to.

One other nice feature is if you setup trailers and have them setup to play before a movie if you play a movie rated PG-13 it will only play trailers for upcoming movies rated PG-13 and below so when you start “Cars 3” it will not play “Happy Death Day” trailer and scare your kid!

*** The only exception to this parental control at this time is the “News” feature where every device gets the full “News” feed but it is my understanding that ways of limiting managed users news sources is being looked into i.e. only Sports and Weather news items or something along those lines or possibly disabling News for specific managed users.


Hi nokdim, I’ll try this feature.

Sorry if I make another question: is it possible to have an output of my entire library items organized by actual ratings/labels ?

Bye, Roberto.


The easiest way is to do it on a per Library basis so Select TV Shows -

Make sure you have All selected -

On the right side select “List View” -

Again on right side click this drop down and add the “Content Rating” Column -

Now you can sort by this column -

If you wanted to do some DB export for Labels and look at the data that way let me know but this is usually the easiest way for a user to view this information.