Plex app on Windows 10 not showing MPAA ratings



I installed the Plex app on Windows 10 (better video playback experience than via Chrome), however, it is not showing MPAA ratings on the movies. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Are they not in the app?

I believe the Agents are set up correctly (United States) and MPAA ratings do show up in Chrome.

Any ideas?


Am I the only person that thinks it’s odd that NO ONE is able to simply reply with, “MPAA ratings are not in the Windows 10 app.” or “MPAA ratings are in the Windows 10 app and they should show up.”?


Probably because most people don’t use the windows app but instead use PMP which give a much fuller experience. It can run in Desktop or Web mode layouts and can be changed with the click of a button. In Web mode you can fully manage your server just like from a web browser as well.

Download the Plex Pass version and you will probably never go back!



Also, make sure you post in the Windows 10 app board and not the general Plex Pass board. You still might not get an official response (those seem to be few and far between these days), but at least your post will be seen by others that use the app.