Plex background art blurry, any way to "un-blur"?




I have the web player, the Samsung TV app which I have always said is the best and the LG TV app. I have recently decided to install the Windows Plex app from the app store on my Win 10. On the LG TV there is an option to switch between blurred background art and dim. On the Samsung TV, basically, why would you have it blurry? And the web player the same.

My question is, what exactly is the point in having an option for "Background art" on the Windows app if all you can see is random splodges of colour spat about you have no clue what the artwork is or what Movie/TV series/song is suppose to relate too? It should be called "Turn on colourful display" not "Background art"

Or am I missing something? Please let me know #-o

Thank you guys and girls for any help, other than that, loving Plex as a whole :)>-




@WilhelmStroker said:

For some reason I can not access that link. It tells me permission denied. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find an explanation for this since Plex updated their web client with this colorful vomit "feature" and the option to use background art was removed. I'd have to believe the background art will make a comeback since the art is all still stored in the server, but I would really like to be able to use the art over the pointlessly generic and bland chromatic smudge effect we are stuck with for now.

I'd be a little bit less frustrated if I could even imagine a single reason for this change to the web client. I really hope this isn't permanent, but the fact that it has shown up at all means that someone is making development decisions that shouldn't be allowed in the building.


Ah that's a beta forum. According to a change might be coming but it's been a while.

Edit: just checked, there's now a switch in the app to turn off dim background


I agree with rickio01 and verybakedpotatoe, that the background art should be restored. I am also a PlexPass lifetime member and cannot seem to access the referenced link above. Please help us someone! :)