Plex Becomes Unresponsive Sporadically



Hi All

Just seeking some help with this, my Plex in general works well however sporadically will become unresponsive and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to this so I am trying to see assistance in finding out the root cause.

The menu bar Plex icon does not freeze, I can still click it to quit and relaunch.
The "quick fix" is obviously to quit and relaunch and everything will be fine, but would really like to know why this is happening.

The crash happened somewhere in between the time of 8pm - 9pm, 18th May 2018.

Secondary Question: Is there a script that lets us re-launch Plex without actually accessing the server desktop?

Attached here are the logs.
Thanks in advance!


No-one experiencing the same behaviour as me?


Same here! It seem like one of last updates as it run smoothly for years.


here too - no issues for many years, this started a week or two ago