Plex behaving strangely when adding libraries.



Hi first time post sorry if I mess or miss anything.
I am running Plex on a Synology ds114se using Windows 10 experiencing the following problems when adding folders using the web interface. Strange things happen The language drop down is unavailable (or sometimes says none or sometimes) as is the Next button. another time the next button may be lit but nothing happens when I press it other times Is presses ok but I get an Error "your changes could not be saved" when I add Library sometimes it evens allows me to add a folder but not any more.
I have tried the usual reinstall and 2 versions of the software (installing manually with the .spk downloaded from Plex's web site and directly downloading from synology package centre. I have deleted the plug-in folder and re ran but nothing.
Can anyone offer any Help?
I have the server running perfect on 2 laptops just not my NAS.
Logs Attached.
Many Thanks


If you have any other apps installed besides Plex, then you should remove them. This is because your NAS has one of the weakest CPU’s out there, it runs at just 800Mhz and it only has 256MB of RAM. That is barely enough RAM to run DSM let alone Plex.

To be honest, I am surprised that you are still able to run Plex at all on that NAS and I would advise you to install PMS on your PC/Mac/Linux machine and use the NAS for file storage only.

That said, see Q7 followed by Q3 on the Synology FAQ’s page, link in my signature.

Also, you will probably need to repair your database. You may use either method below:

Repair Database:
Restore Database:

When you do re-install Plex and run it on the NAS, let the NAS sit for a period of time before you do anything, or at least wait until the CPU usage drops towards idle and stays there, that will give Plex time to migrate the database properly.

Do not open Plex in your browser during this time. That will slow things down and you don’t want that at all.

Remember, your patience is essential with your NAS because of it’s very poor specs.

Hopefully, you wont see the same behaviour, but there are no guarantees.


Hi Andy Thanks for your replay.

I have had Plex running really well on this server in the past despite its low spec.Its never been able to handed really high def stuff but is good for music.I am at the moment just using it for storage as you say, with plex sever on my laptop but would like it running as it was before. I will have a proper look at the repair later.