Plex Black Edition: Library Art screensaver displays movie title: FUN!



Just to say: thank you!

I suggested this a while ago to implement displaying the movie title on the artwork screensaver.
However, I forgot who did the job, I can’t find my post anymore. :slight_smile: but I noticed this is implemented.

Anyway: the person who is responsible for this: thanx a lot.
We have a lot of fun guessing the movie that corresponds to the artwork.



for the developper: please stand up. I don't know were to post my question anymore but I have a very very very small little request:
is it possible to implement a delay between showing fanart and displaying title? Would be nice to have this configurable in settings of screensaver.



no one here?


The screensavers are all hardcoded in OpenPHT (and in Kodi as well) -- almost nothing can be done skinning wise with the screensavers. The only (minor) exception is that the font for the text can be chosen by the skinner (and even then it can only be one, not possible to make a setting for the user to change it to whatever they want), and to a limited degree the font size can be set, but since the position of the text is hard coded, there's only so far you can go with tweaking the size before the text starts to overlap each other.

So configurable options for the screensavers are a no go in all skins.