Plex Cloud does not work on Samsung TVs



Plex Cloud does not work on Samsung TVs...for several weeks now. It says Plex Cloud is offline or unreachable. I've tried everything -- power cycling tv, resetting the tv, etc. I know my Plex Cloud server works because I can view my plex cloud on my iphone and computer. Can someone please help!


Had it previously worked? Not all Samsung TVs support the secure connection Plex Cloud requires


Yes it previously worked just fine.


Same with me.
Plex Cloud Server still works with iPad and iPhone, not with Samsung TV anymore


Same here as well on a 2016 model UKU6300. Playing from Plex Cloud used to work, now it doesn't even see the cloud account but web and iOS Plex see it fine. Plex set to never fall back to insecure connection, not sure what else to do but hope for a fix in an update.
Plex for Samsung 3.2.2
Samsung Tizen 2.4.0