Plex Cloud Newly Added TV Shows not detecting.



Good Morning All,

I have been slowly moving my Plex files over to Google Cloud rather than maintaining my NAS. However I have run into a problem with TV shows where they appear to be stuck looking for the inforamtion on the TVDB.

New shows appear when named correctly however there are no posters bar the first TV series (Archer begining with A) I have had this previously on a Windows server when I have had to apply a fix in Windows. However this is happening on Plex Cloud (Google Cloud)

Any ideas of a fix?


Further note this is only with the TV epsiodes. Movies continue to upload and add fine.


I think it’s probably to do with the tvdb api changes recently.
The fix is in the latest PMS for download.
But I don’t think the fixes have made it to Plex Cloud yet and no idea how long it will be before it does.


Thanks! As long as it is not just me! Thank you very much!


If it’s only a few shows, you may be able to ‘fix’ it by going to the shows with missing artwork and then perform a fix match, then in search options, change the agent to the ‘Movie Database’

(I am just running a scan on mine, so will see if this works, when it’s done)


Blimey, I had forgotten how slow the scans are in Plex Cloud (I have not scanned my TV library recently) and it’s still going… But one series I applied the fix to while it was still scanning has got artwork. Will try more if it ever finishes…