Plex Companion



Hi All,
Just bought a new fire stick. I have just tried to use the remote to control the device, seems to work fine on everything apart from plex. I get the error
"Plex Companion" is the name of the remote control protocol that Plex uses to let you control one Plex app from another. It allows you to start or control playback from one app to another, "fling" content between apps, and more. If you are having trouble finding your Plex player or unable to connect to it you can visit our support site at
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What needs to be enabled for this to work? I have tried on the fire stick remote and via the dot. I seem to get the same error. If I login via a web browser and try the same thing I seem to have some results (only via the dot). Is this a known issue?


Is your plex server online and showing remote access enabled and green?


Yes its all online ok.

It finds only plexweb (chrome browser).


Can anyone help?


Can you cast to your fire stick like from a laptop?


Its working now. I rebuild plex on a new server and all ok now.