PLEX crashes in library when displayed as folders



PLEX on my Kindle HDX, Fire OS

Plex version,

I am connecting to my server and it running Windows 10 version 1709 (build 16299.309)

Plex server version is

I have multiple library's setup, Movies, TV, Music, Other Videos.

On the Kindle, I have a library that I prefer to view as folders. When the app is set to folder, going into the library will show the sub-folders. When clicking on one of the sub-folders, which should show the tiles for the files actually in the folder, the app crashes. By that I mean that the screen goes blank, then after 1 second or so the Kindle returns to the carousel.

If I set the view for the library to be by Movies, it displays the tiles for the movies from all sub-folders.

I have taken the library and formatted the physical layout several different ways. Library = 1 folder with many subs. Library = Many sub. Library = no subs. It has not made a difference.

I am looking for any suggestions on what to check or if anybody has any similar experience with the Kindle Plex app.


I’m facing a similar issue, did you receive feedback? cheers


Initially, I had the same issue. Any folder with more than 4 folders would crash on iPhone. Then I reorg’d a few of the bigger ones which triggered a really heavy scan, which to my surprise, resolved my crashing issue without having to reorg all the big folders.