Plex disrupting TV sleep settings



On my LG TV I've noticed that when Plex is playing and I set a sleep timer that after several seconds of it going off, the TV comes back on. My only speculation is that when it is playing media a signal feature, as commonly seen with computers, is that the "wake display" is being sent to the TV. When I use Netflix and the sleep timer I don't experience this issue as it will go to sleep, unless I press the pause button while it's playing and the TV is off, then it turns back on. With Plex, the only time the TV stays off is when I have it paused right before the timer kicks in. Has anyone else experienced this issue or can the continuous play feature have a set limit with TV episodes.


Most likely any setting for waking or not waking up Plex would be on your Plex Media Server.

I see a "Support Away Mode when preventing system sleep" on Plex Media Server under the Settings > Server > General (Show Advanced) on my PMS for Windows. The section of the forum for Plex Media Server on your operating system would be able to provide more information/explanation about those options/settings.


Thank you for replying, but you observation of that menu item, and according to the documentation on that feature, doesn't seem to relate to the "always-on" or "wake on-demand" signal being sent to the TV. As I said, if Plex is paused and the TV goes to sleep it then stays off, but if I press play (because I know it's paused) the TV comes back on. If I use Plex on my Blu Ray player and the sleep timer, there is no issue and the TV stays off, narrowing this down to the Roku, Plex and _*possibly *_the TV I'm using.


To be clear, the Blu Ray player is on a separate television. I'll try the Blu Ray player connected to that TV and see if I experience it with that hardware in place of the Roku.