Plex does not start with my NAS (Asustor 6204)



Everytime i restart my nas, I have to manually go into app center and then disable plex and then enable it again. Then i can use plex normally.

Why can't it start automatically?


Hi Nero i have the similar issue. For the moment i didnt find the solution ... Look my post. I think this problem come to the hibernation of the Nas...

MAJ1: The problem is not the disk hibernation ... I have not found a solution yet... :/


I'm going to refer both of you to this post I made on the Asustor forums:

Down a little ways in the first post of the thread I have a section about troubleshooting Plex startup problems. You will need to take a look at Plex Media Server.log, and I tell you how to find the log files in that post. Note that it covers just one specific startup error, and then also gives you a way to test if Plex is running every 20 minutes. (Actually 2 ways, but one requires more editing of the for Plex.)

This post also covers things like naming conventions, installing and running PlexPy, how to check if that is running, etc. PlexPy, BTW, for some strange reason known only to Asustor is one of the apps that I can't get to start on a reboot. I use the script shown there to do this.

There is also a lot of good information (much of it is covered in the other post) at this link: I wrote this mainly due to the numbers of people moaning about XBMC not working with their older models of NAS. (When an app dies, you would think people would figure out how to move on. I guess not...)

Pay particular attention to the sections about transcoding media, converting media and CPU requirements. There is currently only one model of Asustor NAS that can handle transcoding 1080p 8Mbps video to any other bitrates. That's the powerhouse 700x model. Unless you have this model of NAS you are going to want to reduce transcoding or you will be buffering when streaming. I give you options for this on both posts, including some scripts I modified from @cayars scripts to work on Asustor's NASes.

You can either make the modifications I made yourself, or send me a PM from the other forums and I'll send you an ftp link to download them from my NAS. Don't PM me from here, as I won't send you the link. Register on the Asustor boards and PM from there... I use GeoIP for blocking specific countries and regions, so if you live in one of them, you will have to make the scripts yourself. I'm not relaxing this GeoIP blocking for love, money, beer or pretzels. Don't even ask, as you will be ignored...

I frequent both boards, and spend a lot of time answering questions on both. I'm a moderator on the Asustor boards, mainly due to the amount of work I've done to help others with Plex. I don't subscribe to the Asustor forums here on Plex's forums, as I don't want to worry about all of the Synology, WD, QNAP and other manufacturer's spam that doing it generates. I wish there were a way to subscribe to just the Asustor sub-forum, but for now there isn't one.


Great posts, but i am currently using an AS6102T with ADM 3.0. Using winscp, I do not see " /volume1/.@plugins/AppCentral/plexmediaserver/CONTROL." To the best of your knowledge, do you know if they have change the directories in the new ADM?


Plex Media Server itself makes the folder when you do the initial install of the app. As far as I know the path hasn’t changed. (In fact just verified it on my 7004T.) I also responded to your post on the Asustor forums.

If you want we could set up a Teamviewer session to let me take a look at it. From there we might be able to find the folder and you may find a few neat things as well.


@“MikeG6.5” said:
(In fact just verified it on my 7004T.)

Hi MikeG6.5. How do you like Plex running on your 7004T? Is it -i3 or -i5? (Thinking about buying one, but cannot find any reviews.) Thanks.