Plex doesn't download non-USA "Originally Available" Dates from IMDB


When sorting by Date Released, Plex relies on the “Originally Available” field and sorts anything without an entry in this field at the end of the list.

It’s easy enough to add the data myself for a few movies, but at least half of my library is missing this data. I am using the Plex Movie agent.

It looks like Plex is not downloading that data for any movie that has a non-USA release date listed as the main release date in IMDB.

For instance, Plex downloads the date for this film:

But not this film:

Is there a fix for this?


This has been reported to the developers.


Heck, I just created a new movie library (some 800-odd movies) and noted this. I'm sure there was an original post about this somewhere, but i cannot find it now. Doesn't look like a fix made it to Version 1.0.3, from reading the release notes.


Here it is:


Moved comment to original thread.


Has this been fixed yet?