Plex doesn't "see" HDHomeRun Connect Duo


I just bought this tuner, and am working through setting it up, but Plex doesn't recognize it on the network. I can access it through the browser, but can't connect, even with manual IP provided.

I'm guessing I'm just doing something wrong since all of these are supposed to be supported. Is there a pre-req list for enabling Live TV / DVR somewhere?


Do you have Plex Pass?


I do.

I'm thinking the problem might have something to do with the docker instance. I'm using the plexpass tag, but I can't do any network troubleshooting since it's a docker image and it has no network tools.


Found it! I guess you can't run it in bridge mode, and instead need to use host mode


I'm having the same issue. What do you mean by 'bridge" mode and "host" mode?