Plex Film Club: discussing movies



How about people interested in the Plex Film Club choose a movie every weekend (or every second weekend) via a democratic poll in these forums, and then we watch it together and discuss it? In separate places of course, as we are spread all over the globe and I don't want to get murdered with an axe. But we could join an IRC chat while watching the movie, or a VOIP channel so we could have some live commentary/fun while watching. :)


First of all, I take offense with your "murdered with an axe" statement.  Just 'cause I'm a stranger that walks around with an axe doesn't mean I'll kill ya if you let me into your home.  Well, not as long as you have a good single-malt to offer your guests and ain't screening any romantic comedies.

With that said, I'm all in, scheduling permitting.  Cleaning my cutlery is sometimes time consuming :)


Awesome! Glad to have you on board. Let's see if there are some others interested in joining.  :)


Alright, I think it's fair to say interest is limited. Maybe when the tandem feature is introduced in Plex.  :)


It's a good idea.