Plex for Android Crashes When Chromecasting



Whenever I try to cast from my Galaxy S8 the Plex app crashes. The error reads only: "Plex has stopped."

I'm running App version and PMS

I can cast fine from Desktop.

App Uninstall/Reinstall didn't fix the issue either.

Is this a known issue or is it just me?


Same issue.

Ever since the UI remake recently.

Plex worked fine from Android 8.1 with new UI on OnePlus5.
Plex worked fine from Android 7 with new UI on Xiaomi Mi Pad.

**However when uninstalling and reinstalling app on these devices it broke.
Neither app can ChromeCast anymore.
They bith worked fine UNTIL reinstall. Have tried factory reset on both devices and fresh install, same crash issue.

I’ve been using Plex Plex for years, this has broken my entire Home TV system :(.

Can someone acknowledge this is being worked on
I’ll provide any assistance needed


I have the same problem. Any response yet?