Plex for Android won't remote steam my music



It's so strange. Everything was working fine and all of a sudden I lost the ability to stream music over a remote connection. An example would be using my mobile internet connection or a friend's WiFi network. Strange part is if I'm connected to my home WiFi network it works fine. Also everything else will steam remotely without an issue at all so videos are fine. It's just music on Android. Music will also stream remotely if I'm using a browser on a desktop so I just don't get it. Someone please help!


Does it not even work or is it just always laggy and buffering?
Because I have also my music that buffers all the time on IOS, but also sometimes on Chrome and other devices but only on remote connection.
That's so frustrating, It would be so great if it just would work, I started syncing down everything on my IOS but that's just a bad workaround.


I am having the same issues, but if I play music through webapp on mobile device it works fine.