Plex for gear VR not showing shared servers



So, while I do enjoy the app for local files on my phone, there are more "slick" and fast viewers out there, my biggest problem is that, while on both wifi or cellular data I cant see any shared servers in the app and have to use a browser to see anything not local on the phone, is this intended or is there some setting I'm not seeing here?

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Should probably say I’m on a samsung galaxy s8 and only using plex over wifi


No help at all??? thanks plex


The at the top of the main screen above library there should be a drop down to select server. Had some reports of needing to enable Secure Connections in network settings of the server for it to connect (It should not need to)


My biggest problem here is that it works with no problems in the gear browser and normal android app… why not here?


We have a bug where servers might not show up under certain network conditions, if “Secure Connections” is set to “Disabled”. As a workaround until we fix the issue can you change that setting, as suggested by @BigWheel ? Sorry for the inconvenience.