Plex for iOS



Version 3.2.4

Another round of bug fixes & performance improvements! We updated our crash reporting tools in the previous update & have been getting lots of juicy information about real-world problems. Among the fixes in this version are:

- Fixed a potential crash when loading paged content.
- Fixed a potential crash when saving the currently selected filter.
- Updated auto-discovery code to use more modern techniques & eliminate a very common crash.
- Improved reliability of sync item creation.
- Greatly improved responsiveness when scrolling, particularly on iPad.
- Additional optimizations for paged content loading.
- Fixed media flags not displaying immediately when opening detail views.
- Fixed an occasional crash when dismissing detail views.
- Changed the overscan compensation mode for TV Out.
- Improved compatibility with newer iOS versions.


Version 3.3

We’re pleased to bring you a brand new release of the iOS app today! Most notably you’ll see we’ve updated the icon, splash screen, and the UI for iOS 7. Baby steps, mind you, we have lots more user interface improvements coming, but at least Plex will look nicely at home on iOS 7 now.


We’ll be back very shortly with more iOS news, but for now, hopefully you’ll enjoy this release!

  • NEW: New look for iOS 7.
  • NEW: Detect URLs on the clipboard for quick queuing to myPlex.
  • NEW: Brand new video player.
  • NEW: Improved music player.
  • FIX: A UI hang when changing connectivity settings.
  • FIX: A nasty bug where entering sections with non-latin characters could crash the app.
  • FIX: Another UI hang when canceling and backing out of a library.
  • FIX: Synced content could sometimes appear mistakingly in Shared Libraries.
  • FIX: Synced content could become unplayable after being reconverted by the media server.
  • FIX: An issue flinging some video content to iOS.

Version 3.3.1
So, yeah, that last release had quite a few bugs. Really sorry about that.
There were a ton of infrastructure changes, and we rushed it to the store because we were super excited to share it with you.
That was a colossal mistake, and we won't do that again.
- FIX: Crash on launch for users running iOS 5.
- FIX: AirPlay stopped working when putting the device to sleep or switching to a different app.
- FIX: Resuming playback was broken.
- FIX: Background music continued to play after starting playback on a remote player.
- FIX: No audio played while the mute switch was on.
- FIX: Playback from old versions of Plex Media Server wasn't working.
- FIX: Playback of non-optimized MP4 files would fail.
- FIX: Seeking during playback was unreliable.
- FIX: Embedded subtitles weren't working when direct-playing media.
- FIX: TV Out using 30-pin adapters wasn't working.
- FIX: Transcode sessions were not shut down correctly.
- FIX: The on-screen display of Plex Home Theater can now be navigated while video is paused.
- FIX: Improved reliability of remote player detection & control.
- FIX: Improved image quality in the player view on iPad.
- FIX: An issue that could cause video playback to fail until the app was restarted.
- FIX: Multiple error messages could be displayed when attempting to play a queued or recommended item.
- FIX: Various crashes.
- FIX: Various minor UI issues.


Version 3.3.2

- FIX: Playback of higher bitrate content from ARM-based media servers.
- FIX: Potential crash when playing synced music.
- FIX: Remote playback of queued and recommended content.
- FIX: Improved video quality when using the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
- FIX: Minor UI issues.


Version 3.3.3

- NEW: Higher quality settings on recent iOS devices.
- FIX: Crash on iOS 5 when attempting to play video.
- FIX: Re-added the ability to disable the universal transcoder.
- FIX: Video playback would fail after being paused for longer than a few minutes.
- FIX: Resume time wasn't updated when using Chromecast.
- FIX: Certain channel content was unplayable.
- FIX: Media decisions were too strict, preventing playback of content from ARM-based media servers when quality settings were too low.
- FIX: The app rating alert will no longer reappear after installing updates.
- FIX: Various issues preventing remote control of iOS devices.
- FIX: Improved reliability of AirPlay when mirroring is enabled.


Version 3.3.4

- UPDATED: Reliability of server detection on local networks. 
- UPDATED: Improved server management UI. 
- UPDATED: Many localizations have been improved for our international users. 
- FIXED: Playback of videos from old channels (e.g. iTunes). 
- FIXED: Audio stream selection when direct-playing content. 
- FIXED: Direct-play of videos with 5.1 audio streams. 
- FIXED: Playback of synced content with low quality settings. 
- FIXED: Crash when using AirPlay under certain conditions. 
- FIXED: Companion features weren't working after sleeping & waking the device. 
- FIXED: Companion was unable to connect to Plex for Windows 8. 
- FIXED: Navigation control of Plex for Roku is now enabled when using companion features. 
- FIXED: Locally discovered server information was stored by the app & couldn't be removed. 
- FIXED: On Deck & Recently Added now update correctly after playback. 
- FIXED: Additional minor bugs and UI issues.


Version 3.3.5

- Playing synced content on a Chromecast now works. 
- Fixed an issue where videos played without audio. 
- Try harder to Direct Play content coming from low-power NAS devices. 
- Request Dolby Digital 5.1 when playing on external screen (e.g. AirPlay or HDMI). 
- Make sure we send a "stopped" signal when exiting the video. 
- Eliminated a few reported crashes.


Version 3.4.0

NEW - Camera Upload (Plex Pass members only): Find it difficult to easily share photos from a recent event or trip that are stuck on your phone? Or, ever try to take a photo only to realize you've run out of memory on your phone? Now, photos from your phone or tablet can be wirelessly synced automatically to your Plex Media Server.
NEW - Play queues: Now you can queue up videos and music for continuous playback and endless enjoyment. You can randomly shuffle music from an artist, album, or genre, or binge on a TV series or other videos. You can easily reorder, remove, or add more content to your queue. Plex even remembers your queue when you restart your app. This is the first exciting step towards full playlist functionality.
NEW - Chromecast improvements: Plex now supports casting of music & photos. We've also added a content mirroring feature, allowing you to fling the details of your media from your mobile device onto the big screen by tapping the Info button. Also, now the preview period is over, a Plex Pass subscription is no longer requred to use Chromecast!
FIXED - Various minor issues.


Version 3.4.1

First, some general fixes:
FIXED: Playing synced content while offline always started with first item.
FIXED: Attempting to play channel content on Chromecast could cause a crash.
FIXED: The app will correctly check that media files are available before attempting to play.
FIXED: The "Use Mobile Data" switch wasn't working.
FIXED: Attempting to play albums from iTunes caused a play queue error.
FIXED: Crash when reordering synced items in a play queue list.
FIXED: Mobile media server now includes content synced from shared servers.
FIXED: Subtitle size and audio boost settings are sent to Chromecast.
...and some improvements to Camera Upload:
NEW: Continue uploading from where you left off, with an advanced option to upload all photos from the beginning instead.
NEW: New & improved animations.
NEW: The Camera Upload switch is temporarily disabled after being toggled to prevent spamming.
FIXED: Photo uploads would sometimes get stuck.
FIXED: Sometimes camera upload wouldn't stop uploading after being disabled.
FIXED: Camera upload was enabled on first-generation iPads (which has no camera).


Version 3.5

- Playlists! Now you can create your own music or video playlists to fit any occasion, including smart playlists based on genre, collection and more. 
- Movie trailers! After adding trailers to your movie library, you can now view them from the movie info screen, or by long-pressing on movies. You can also turn on Cinema Trailers if you’d like to automatically play trailers before your movies start. 
Both of these new features require Plex Media Server or newer. 
- AirPlay devices have been removed from the in-app player list due to several reported issues. AirPlay devices can still be used by selecting them in the iOS AirPlay menu, or using the dedicated AirPlay button when playing content. 
- Chromecast is no longer supported on devices running iOS 5. Previously, Plex used a pre-release version of the Chromecast software from Google that we were fortunate enough to have access to. Apps are now required to use the final version of the software, which only supports devices running iOS 6 or newer. 
- Some particularly bad bugs that have been around for a while, but were difficult to track down. You should notice an increase in stability during general use. 
- A couple of bugs preventing playback of synced content on Chromecast. 
- A few other minor issues, including playback of content synced to other devices, remote control of the iOS app from the web app and localization of channels.


Version 3.5.1

- FIX: Attempting to play trailers from the home screen would crash the app. 

- FIX: After playing trailers from the Info screen on iPad, the view couldn't be dismissed easily. 


Version 3.5.2

- Improved compatibility with iOS 8.

- Support for the full resolution of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
- Updated Chromecast software from Google.
- Additional minor bug fixes.


Version 3.5.3


- Removed a duplicated "Unwatched" filter from TV libraries, one of which caused severe performance issues.

- Playlists from other servers are no longer visible when adding items to playlists.

- A more modern transcoder is now used for music playback.

- The Google Chromecast software has been updated to the latest available version.


- Fixed potential crashes when using Camera Upload on iOS 8.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to play multiple videos using AirPlay.
- Fixed some iPad popover display issues on iOS 8.
- Fixed video playback from the Watch Later queue & Recommendations not starting with the selected video.
- Fixed libraries not scrolling all the way to the bottom.
- Fixed a visual glitch when changing the volume during video playback on iPhones and iPods running iOS 8.

- Additional minor bug fixes.



Version 4.0 - Blog Post: Our shiny new iOS app!

Please Note: Plex Media Server version or later is required

Rewritten from the ground up, this new version of our iOS app takes your Plex experience to the next level!

  • We've completely redesigned the app, both visually and structurally. It's easier than ever to navigate your libraries & find something to play, and the new discovery features help you get to the content you're most likely to want. You can continue browsing during playback and use the new mini player to see and control what's currently playing. We've also added support for more recent media server improvements like extras, related content, and our awesome new music features. All of this great functionality is presented with our beautiful new visual style - it's fast, fluid and fun.
  • The new single-server UI matches other modern Plex apps. All servers are treated equally, whether they belong to you, or have been shared with you by someone else.
  • Our brand new audio player is much faster when loading or seeking, and switches seamlessly between cellular & wifi networks without interrupting playback. We're also well on our way to gapless playback support (it's close, but not quite perfect yet).
  • The video player has been enhanced with the addition of chapter selection and the ability to choose audio streams, subtitles, and video quality during playback.
  • There are many, many improvements to Mobile Sync. Playlists can now be synced, incremental syncs are super fast, and background downloads mean you no longer need to leave the app open for a sync to complete. We took the core of the Plex Media Server, shrank it down and embedded it within the iOS app, so your synced content will now benefit from all the rich browsing, discovery and playback features it provides.
  • You can browse your camera roll, and fling your photos and videos to other Plex players.
  • Multi-user households, rejoice! The app now supports Plex Home, including managed users.
  • There's also support for secure connections to Plex Media Server. When you see the green padlock badge next to your server, your connection is fully encrypted.

We'd like to thank you all for being so patient with the lack of updates in recent months - we hope you think it was worth the wait! We're extremely proud of the work we've done here, and are thrilled to be able to share it with you at last.

Please refer to the following Plex for iOS sections of our support site for access to documentation and frequently asked questions:


Version 4.0.1


  • The home screen includes a new "Browse" tab for fast access to libraries, playlists, and channels.
  • The artist screen has been updated, bringing albums closer to the top and showing popular tracks, tour dates, and links to similar artists.
  • Libraries can now be viewed as a list in addition to the current grid view.
  • Added the ability to browse libraries by folder.


  • Playback of mono audio has been fixed.
  • Video no longer starts minimized if the mini player is open.
  • Filters & sorts are now correctly remembered for each library section.
  • Pre-play screens take less time to load, especially when connected to a low-power server.
  • Sign in issues with passwords containing special characters have been resolved.
  • The display of photo albums within libraries has been fixed. Libraries are no longer displayed as a flat list, but correctly follow the folder hierarchy.
  • The Step Back time has been changed from 30 seconds to 10.
  • The "Unwatched" filter for TV libraries now correctly displays shows where any episodes are unwatched. Previously, only shows where all episodes are unwatched would be displayed.
  • An AirPlay button has been added to the player selection menu.
  • Synced videos now have louder audio (this fix will only affect content synced to your device in the future).
  • The friends list now updates correctly when switching users.
  • The app can successfully connect to other iOS devices and access shared content.
  • Editing sync items always showed the policy as "All media", even when only unwatched media was selected.
  • Video continues to play on the device when using AirPlay speakers, rather than switching to the Apple TV AirPlay screen.
  • Many accessibility fixes have been made for users with VoiceOver enabled. We will continue to make improvements in this area.
  • The app can be launched using the plexapp:// URL scheme again.
  • Various stability issues have been resolved, including a crash when attempting to select or paste text on iPad.


  • An issue preventing various audio & video formats from direct playing has been resolved. This fixes playback for many low-power NAS devices.


Version 4.0.2


  • Confirmation message before marking shows and seasons as (un)watched.


  • Fixed a frequent crash while listening to music (memory leak!)
  • When playing music on iPhone 4S the on-screen buttons no longer overlap each other.
  • Fixed issue where no confirmation was shown after activating the app.
  • Home video libraries now no longer show huge gaps between the videos.
  • Images no longer flickering in most cases.
  • All synced content is no longer deleted when the Plex cloud is down.
  • All synced content is no longer deleted when you’re syncing from multiple servers and all content from any server is deleted.
  • Sorting photos no longer displays "Error loading content" message.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.


Version 4.0.3


  • Added TV Out support.


  • Resolved an issue causing free space calculations to be incorrect during syncing.
  • Improved detection of Chromecast devices.
  • Fixed playback of Cloud Sync content when using certain storage providers.
  • Fixed flinging Cloud Sync content to Chromecast.
  • Fixed quality setting selection when connected to Chromecast.
  • Additional performance improvements during browsing.
  • Additional performance and reliability improvements when syncing.


Version 4.0.4


  • Fixed non-functional "Sign Up" and "Sign In" buttons on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
  • Performance and stability improvements when syncing content.
  • Other minor visual & reliability improvements.


Version 4.0.5


  • Restored the ability to manually manage IP addresses for connections to your media servers.
  • Improved reliability when seeking near to the start of tracks.
  • Improved handling of download failures when syncing content.
  • Fixed issues causing rotated or bordered video when using TV Out.
  • Fixed crash after watching an episode.
  • Many additional bug fixes. (lots of bad crashes fixed!)


Version 4.0.6


  • Sync is now supported for managed users.
  • Audio and subtitle streams can be selected from the pre-play screen.
  • Added support for Picture in Picture on iPad.


  • Playing synced music on one iOS device from another wasn't working.
  • When attempting to Play All, Shuffle or Add to Playlist while browsing by folder, the current folder was not respected & the operation would apply to the whole library.
  • Syncing from folder views has been fixed (requires a future Plex Media Server v0.9.14.0 release).
  • Too many notifications were displayed during sync.
  • The "Lock to Landscape" setting is no longer shown for remote players.
  • Fixed a crash when changing repeat mode on the audio player.
  • Fixed issues preventing rotation on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the app crashing on launch after upgrading from a previous version.
  • Other stability improvements.