Plex for Kodi addon running on XBOX One



Now that Kodi is out for xbox one (available from the store) I installed it and immediately added the Plex for Kodi addon.

The addon installs fun, but fails to run.

Is this expected behaviour? I can't see any other posts regarding this.


Had the same issue here, haven’t had a chance to check the debug logs yet though.

Kodi literally just came out on there today and is an ‘alpha’ apparently, so it isn’t too surprising.


Be nice if Plex for Kodi was updated for Kodi 18, Because the official Plex app for Xbox One is… Ummm. Not that great to say the least… But the Plex for Kodi addon is pretty damn good, Never had any issue’s with it. Have it on 5 device & all work great all the time.


Just saw this was available. Maybe this is a way to get around the Xbox one Plex app’s lack of overscan supper.


I’m sure the devs can speak for certain, but the issue up to this point is that the official addon hasn’t been updated for Kodi 18, which is the only version available for Xbox. Until it gets updated to 18, it’s definitely not going to work. There may be additional UWP quirks, but the 18 part is definitely a requirement.


I installed Plex on Kodi. The add-on will not load! It’s driving me crazy! :s I would like to switch to this Plex app. The offical one on Xbox sucks.


Yep same error here. Hopefully in time it works.


Is it normal in this forum that no one from plex talk to end users with issues?


It is for this client. After a really promising start, there has been a single update in the last 10 months. That was to fix a similar issue. Meanwhile the devs for this client haven’t been seen at all in those last 10 months. Most of us who used this when it first launched have long since moved on.
A real shame… but well that’s how Plex roll.


The addon’s been updated to v18, in the beta repo. If all goes well, we’ll push it out to the Kodi repo. There is a current bug in the Kodi build in the Microsoft Store for Xbox One though, where most addons don’t work (locale bug) that will be fixed in next week’s build.

If you’re impatient, add your email to this pre-release list to get early test builds as quick as possible:


Any updates? Would love to use this instead of the horrible Plex app.


The addon works fine in the beta repo. If you’re asking for updates, check w/ Kodi, I’m not sure their cycle, if they’ve fixed their issue w/ the store yet, or if that pre-release link works (i don’t have an xbox one myself)


They have fixed their issue in the store and you should be able to download the addon.

You will need to somehow copy the beta repo .zip to a network accessible storage location, and then have Kodi browse it. Once we solve the playback issues, we will put this next build to the Kodi repo as well.


So, I have the Plex addin running on Kodi on Xbox, but now I’m not really sure why :wink:
What’s the benefit or not of using this add-on over the native Plex app?


So i download Kodi on xbox one x then how do i run Adin on on Xbox ? Ive got plex on xbox one x and sever etc but Kodi supposed to play 4K MKV files a lot better.
Im just not sure where i get the adon from for Kodi to speak to my Plex sever? Thanks