Plex for Kodi on Fire TV



I am testing this out, and I like what I see so far. My only dissatisfaction is it not showing up as a cast receiver on my cell phone app. Will this be added????

I do not understand why people are complaining about this plug-in. I have Kodi side loaded on a Fire TV, and this gives me:

4k for plex (something my beloved Rasplex does not have yet)
Working audio pass through on Fire TV, which means I can play my DTS movies, which is normally not possible
A whole bunch of additional settings because Kodi is underlying (zoom etc)
Direct Play even with MKV
Fast response time (fast forward, rewind, etc)

Who cares that it's an app in an app, it's great!

This is a high performing Plex client. But, I am really missing the cast receiver on my cell phone plex app.

Nice work so far Plex team


Plex Companion is definitely on the Planned Features list to add that functionality.

Glad you like it!


Cool, thanks! I shall eagerly await it.