Plex for Kodi run 1080p or 4k?



Plex for kodi fun riles on 4k?


It should be able to play whatever Kodi can. It uses Kodi's player


But best to not update your server unless you also see a Plex For Kodi update. Seemingly according to several other posts, upgrading to server version 1.10 means you will be watching nothing at all on Plex for Kodi.


Works fine with latest server version here. Also, 4K HDR works with DSplayer & madVR :smile:


@bjoroy how do you go about getting that installed onto Kodi?

I’m using a Shield with Kodi installed


it is in the add-on section inside of Kodi itself.


I was referring to DSplayer & madVR


So if I understand the point, for example:
- Kodi is on a Nvidia Shield TV
- PMS is on a Synology NAS

When I start playing, I am using Shield's CPU resources, not Synology. Am I right?


Correct. 4K is an option in Settings you need to enable, however.