Plex for Kodi UI/UX Discussion



Please keep this thread with questions regarding the new UI and I will move threads related to this topic here.


I miss the horizontal split. If you want to go to another category and watch something else, the “click-length” is very far with this new design.
I also think the gradients in the background don’t look so good. Something textured might look more modern and also not lead to such heavy banding on many displays.


@keithah I am having an issue during playback, the video information such as runtime the clock and video name are displaying and there does not seem to be a way to hide it?


hit ‘esc’ or ‘back’ should hide the OSD.


@keithah sorry, another issue, the dialog that is displayed when exiting the app or when resuming playback the text is displaying outside the button. Could supply further information and screenshots if perhaps it is a device specific issue?


@keithah regarding the hit esc or back it just exits playback if i do that. The buttons do not display only the video information


@jenkinsmorgan04 yes please follow and open a new thread. Thanks!


@keithah seems both my issues had something to do with the theme I was using on Kodi or possibly an addon the theme was using. After changing back to Confluence everything was fine, the theme in question was a modded version of Eminence 2.0 so don’t think it should be an issue, won’t open a new thread.


@xelra said:
I miss the horizontal split. If you want to go to another category and watch something else, the “click-length” is very far with this new design.

Can you elaborate a little bit? What is the “horizontal split”? Can you give a specific example of something that takes more clicks with this design?


I am away right now, can’t really try it but when you install the add-on, does it automatically install the new skin or something? If that is the skin, it looks pretty dope.


Correct, the add-on showcases a brand new UI!


that new UI is that default look when you install this addon or what?? :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s the UI that comes with the add-on by default, and the only UI the add-on is officially supporting.


I don’t know if this is by design or a bug but when I press the back key it highlights the home button in the top left rather then do what I expect it to do which is go back to the previous screen.

Also in the Music section I seem to be unable to change the default layout of Artist to Album, I am guessing where it says artist is where I would get a drop down but I actually don’t seem to be able to highlight this.


Thanks for your feedback @moe2046! The back key is by design. The ‘esc’ key does what you want, but I understand most remotes don’t have a button like that.

About the music section sorting, that’s definitely something we need to add, I’ve updated this ticket to reflect Albums as well:


can the files in plex not be integrated into the regular kodi interface? seems kinda pointless when its just another plex app.


@ALIESSA not at the moment, no. We wanted to get this experience right before figuring out the best way to do Library integration.


@keithah …really nice UI looking fwd to see how this addon develops, Ive been running PlexKodiConnect with Kodi for some time now and have loved the freedom Kodi enables me to customise to my likening… this addon seems to tick all the boxes too.

I have been using PKC to create kodi main menu items as direct links to my plex playlists… I use Plex playlists a lot in order to bring the collections/genres I access frequently to the forefront. I don’t use music playlists with Plex… I would really love to see the Plex playlists with Kodi open up as per the movie views. rather than a list view (with just the fanart thumb). Could this please be considered? alternatively the ability to add other menu items to the plex addon main horizontal menu?

thanks for all the great work!


the home screen is a iittle sparse in my case. a lot of black, one movie to continue watching and one show on deck, the rest is empty space making it a big dark canvas with just the categories and 1 movie poster.


@mini.PLEX Thanks for the feedback! I will bug the guys in charge of the UI/UX and point them at your post.