Plex for Samsung (2016+ televisions)



February 7, 2018 • 3.2.2

This release updates Tizen from 3.1.0 to 3.2.2. It was a long strange trip to get this release out.

Most notable change in this release is refactoring how soft subtitles are handled. Previously 3.1.0 had subtitle synchronization issues when resuming a video or seeking. Working around this in the previous soft subtitle implementation was impossible.

Plex for Samsung version 3.2.2 changes the subtitle implementation to a more standard format. Unfortunately we discovered some unique behavior in the Tizen player which required changes to PMS’ encoding of the soft subs within the Direct Stream. The previous encoding caused the display to crash. The encoding approach was to standard and used by other clients.

The PMS compatibility changes are available in 1.11.2. A preview build will be released into the forums this week for Plex Pass users. A public builds available for all users is planned to be released very shortly thereafter. The stagged release is only necessary at 1.11.2 needs a bit more attention before it’s ready to step through releasing to all platforms.

Plex for Samsung version 3.2.2 requires a full transcode to display subtitles when playing videos from server versions less-than 1.11.2. This is necessary to avoid the crash mentioned above.



  • Fix soft subtitle sync issues by including the subtitles as WebVTT within an HLS direct stream. Requires PMS version 1.11.2.
  • Correct audio stream switching on Tizen versions < 3.
  • Play 3rd parth movie trailers at the correct aspect ratio.
  • Tizen < 3 requires PMS transcode of portrait orientation videos to maintain aspect ratio.
  • Tizen >= 3 plays portrait orientation videos at the correct aspect ratio without PMS transcode.
  • Enable MP4 and MKV to direct play DTS audio streams.
  • Transcode unsupported music files to multichannel AAC.
  • Direct play MKA files with DTS audio.
  • Non 4K displays will correctly require PMS transcode 4K video to 1080p.
  • Pressing Left, Right, Up, or Down remote control buttons during initial video buffering now correctly navigates between video player control buttons.
  • On supporting devices, pressing the Exit remote control button during playback is now appropriately handled.
  • Browsing cloud servers no longer displays unblurred background images.
  • The first letter jump bar now works correctly when browsing a music library as a list of tracks sorted by title.
  • Pressing stop before media is ready will correctly teardown the media components.
  • The music player no longer respects the allow direct play and allow direct stream video player setting.


Both of the following issues are addressed in our 3.3.0 release being submitted to Samsung QA this week.

  • Soft subtitle position on servers >= 1.11.2 isn’t optimal.
  • Sometimes a non-default audio track isn’t selected correctly only when starting playback.

Plex app on LG webOS transcoding with subtitles enabled

May 14, 2018 • 3.3.4


  • Re-enable selection and deselection of DCA audio support.
  • Correct anamorphic display issues on Tizen 2.4.
  • Detect and display anamorphic videos incorrectly identified by PMS.