Plex for Samsung 3.2.2 Aspect Ratio Issues



I’m going to just start a new thread because I don’t want this issue to be confused with something else that may be happening. I’m not overly technical, so I apologize if I don’t use entirely correct terminology.

Since the release updateing Tizen from 3.1.0 to 3.2.2. I have been having aspect ratio issues with 480p files, both widescreen and 4:3 picture display incorrectly (either stretched or squashed - both to the same width with black bars on the side).

I’ve been told that turning off Direct Play fixes this problem, but doing so causes problems with HD videos losing quality and causing major pixilation that doesn’t exist using Direct Play. That said, disabling Direct Play isn’t a viable solution.

Is there a way to download and re-install the previous version, or will there be a fix anytime soon?

Based on the post announcing this update in February, it sounds like updates for Tizon/Samsung are complicated and infrequent, so can anyone from Plex Support help with options?

I know I’ve posted in other threads, but those seem like they might be a mix of other issues, and I have seen any responses from Plex on the issue yet. Thanks in advance.


Did you get any answer for that question?
I'm facing the same issue on my Samsung TV and hope that we won't have to wait too long for a viable solution....


+1 c'mon folks let's have a fix! ;)

PS. I've noticed many good post (not only from this section) missing follow up from support teams which is a little bit worrying ... maybe is worth posting in the PLEX PASS area?


Ive got the same issue and seeing as i have 2 Silicone Dust HDHomerun boxes so i can use Plex as my PVR its now becoming very frustrating with the squashed screen.


+1 Still seeking a permanent solution


It seems like the Plex client for Samsung is sort of a stepchild when it comes to features and updates. I’m assuming It has a lot to dol with it being provided through Tizon. It’s the only Plex app I use that has this particular aspect ratio issue.

It’s also the only one that doesn’t recognize advanced PlexMediaPlayer library settings for Collections and Seasons. I’ve built a TV and film series library of over 19,000 video files in Plex so those annoyances can really affect how things are sorted and displayed — but they don’t affect viewing quality, so it’s minor in the grand scheme.

This aspect ratio issue affects viewing quality, so I’m really hoping Plex reaches out to acknowledge the issue.


+1 Still awaiting a permanent solution


I wouldn’t be surprised if a solution takes a while with Tizon as the middle man, but I am concerned at the lack of some sort of acknowledgement from Plex. Not everything is an easy or immediate fix, but the silence all week is deafening.


it's crazy isn't it ....


Hello peeps, there's another thread with the same issue

As per Matt's reply in that thread, if we can get more info to help replicate this issue on our end, that would help. Specifically:

  1. TV Model
  2. XML media info for a failing video and/or a sample video.



Having the same issue. TV UN55KU6300 running 3.2.2


still same issue ... TV UE49KU6400 running 3.2.2


Tv UE55KS7000 Plex 3.2.2 Tizen 2.4.0


Hi @Alasdair thank you for your sample. I was able to reproduce the problem right away on Tizen 2.4 and fix the issue.

Please bring further conversation into:

Specifically I need help understanding if there is a problem with Tizen 3.0: Note, not a 3.x version of our application but a display that shows Plex app > Settings > About > Tizen 3.0 or greater.