Plex for Xbox One



Plex for Xbox One (v1.0.0.11)



  • Continue Watching items now displayed on the Home Screen
  • Plex Pass requirement now supports Plex Home
    • Shared users who are all part of Plex Home can use the application, even if they don't individually have Plex Pass subscriptions
  • Primary trailer available for movies
  • Screen dimming to protect our Plasma users (2 minutes idle dims, 5 minutes idle off)
  • If direct playing a video fails, we now automatically fallback to try and transcode


  • Fix issue with the overflow ("...") button in the episode preplay page where selecting it would do nothing
  • Home and library section categories would not always show the "More" even if more items were available
  • Resolve issue where video end would not be detected correctly, and the video would either remain open or the last segment would play twice.
  • Fix error where incorrect server version was demanded if application was launched without an internet connection
  • Display error when video transcode fails
  • Resolve issue where multiple qualities could "selected" inside the video player
  • Ensure that "Go to fullscreen" always works when application is snapped
  • Fix issue where episode list wasn't updated after items had been watched
  • Stacked episodes displayed incorrect season number when focused
  • Report error to user if they try to play media which is not actually accessible (e.g. mounted drive is no longer available)
  • Resolve issue where some personal media libraries would not be navigable
  • Fix issue where Next Page / Previous Page voice actions were not always displayed
  • Add support for controlling video player settings using Voice
  • Resolve various issues around switching Microsoft Live user while the application is running
  • Fix issue where item's "Unavailable" flag wouldn't be removed, even if the user resolved the issue
  • Resolve issue where items would not be selectable, if a minor (child) account was currently logged in.



Plex for Xbox One (v1.0.0.13)



  • Remove screen dimming. This was kicking in during video playback for some users.


Plex for Xbox One (v1.1.7.0)


  • Music libraries
  • Music artist bios and videos
  • Music playback, player, background and snapped
  • Playlists
  • Improved Direct Play support for MKV
  • Removal of bitrate limit
  • Instant audio stream switching with Direct Play
  • Continuous video play for seasons/shows ('X' on item)
  • Play and shuffle added to video and music browsing
  • Resume button rather than modal
  • Cinema mode
  • Movie extras
  • Settings for allow/disallow Direct Play and Direct Stream
  • Navigate to next/previous item in artist/season/collection
  • Go Home button
  • Improved SmartGlass support
  • Logging via PMS
  • Remote logging of errors


  • Rewritten xbox user handling. Fixes edge cases of sign in/out of users
  • Rewritten video playback. Fixes multipart videos
  • Video preview thumbnails now shown on shared and authenticated servers
  • Improved error messages when there is a problem
  • Show loading indicator when signing in
  • Hide air dates if not available


Plex for Xbox One (v1.2.1.0)


  • Photo library views
  • HTTPS support
  • Theme music (and the ability to turn it off)
  • Skip forward 30s/back 10s during video playback
  • Previous/next buttons on preplay
  • Playlist preplay - shuffle and delete playlists
  • Play queue actions for music - 'add to up next' and 'play next'
  • Mark season/show as watched/unwatched
  • Delete items
  • User setting for blur/dim
  • Single column view for library list


  • Grey/repeating posters in browse page
  • Return to incorrect preplay after navigating between episodes
  • Unwatched/watched status of season/show may be incorrect
  • UI and icon tweaks


Plex for Xbox One (v1.3.1.0)


  • Channels
  • Filters and Sorts in libraries
  • Plex Companion support
  • Plex Mixes
  • List item actions
  • App remains usable when is unavailable
  • Ability to reorder playlists and music play queues
  • Go Back button on error page
  • Landscape layout for home video libraries
  • Show progress bar when skipping
  • Select version on media preplay pages
  • Let user decide whether to fall back to insecure connections when app cannot connect to last used server securely
  • Fall back to remux/transcode on video playback errors
  • Improve app player profile for transcoded streams


  • Per user settings not correctly being saved when switching between Xbox One users (please note that this release will reset your previous settings after updating)
  • Missing skip previous/next buttons when playing video in a queue
  • Incorrect episode numbers on season page
  • Some videos without audio tracks failing to play when direct streamed/transcoded
  • Crash when navigating to Watch Later and Recommended videos
  • Background image sometimes not appearing for WL/Recommended video pages
  • Focus not being correctly restored on last item when returning back to home page
  • No quality sometimes being selected in the quality selection menu
  • App freezing when starting new video/music track or changing video quality/audio tracks during video playback
  • VUI not working correctly on play/pause button during audio playback
  • SmartGlass showing 0:00 position when pausing playback
  • SmartGlass metadata disppearing when exiting music player
  • Don't seek in videos if the app bar is visible
  • Vevo logo appearing off the screen on music videos for some users
  • Playlist deletion action not appearing in certain situations
  • Title bar buttons not working in certain situations
  • Issue when trying to pick Original quality via VUI
  • Stop music player when user signs out


Plex for Xbox One (v1.4.0.0)

Please note that an update to fix the crash on startup issues some users are experiencing is still on its way!


  • Playback failure on some channels
  • Issue displaying media containing certain characters in their names
  • Media Remote play button not working on media tiles
  • Crash on launch if no user was signed in
  • Plex Companion reliability improvements


Plex for Xbox One (v1.5.0.0)


  • Roll back storage changes that caused startup issues for some users
  • No server found issue when connecting to an insecure server on app launch


Plex for Xbox One (v1.5.0.0 - Public Release)

Removed the Plex Pass requirement for all users. Plex for Xbox One is now free for all.



Plex for Xbox One (v1.6.1.0)


  • Plex Home!
  • Music Lyrics!
  • Create and add to playlists.
  • Quality, audio track, and subtitle selection from preplay pages.
  • Play Show/Season starts from last watched/in progress item, with previous behaviour available via a separate Play All action.
  • Show Original quality resolution/bitrate in quality picker.
  • Updated player profile for wider range of direct play codec support, including HEVC/FLAC/ALAC/WAV.
  • Stepping through videos will now use chapter timestamps if they exist.


  • Items not updating their watched status on certain pages.
  • Deleted items showing up on library pages.
  • Display specific error messages when available instead of the generic 'Server not found' message.
  • Item progress bar size improvements.
  • Stability fixes for Plex Companion.
  • Occasionally missing 'Play from beginning' action on partially watched items.
  • Don't allow the user to exit the app via Plex Companion controls.
  • Extras titles not appearing in certain circumstances.
  • Theme music not stopping in some rare instances.
  • Movie pages not correctly loading in some instances with certain Extras.
  • Thumbnails not showing up in some channels.
  • Unwatched indicators incorrectly showing up.
  • Some photo channels previously failed to load photos.
  • Paging sometimes not working correctly on episode pages.
  • Starting the app with no signed in Xbox profile, or signing out, could result in a non-responsive app.
  • Retry for new server from error page when current server becomes unavailable.
  • Other stability fixes and improvements.


Plex for Xbox One (v1.7.1.0)

* Mobile/Cloud Sync server support.
* Per Plex user app settings.

* Issue with some preplay pages taking a long time to load.


Plex for Xbox One (v1.8.0.0)

* Streaming Brain support.
* Updated app player profile.


Plex for Xbox One (v2.0.1.0)


  • Brand new app rewritten from the ground up with our beautiful v2 UI!
  • Soft subtitle support
  • Alexa support
  • Removed Plex account -> Xbox Live account linking requirement

The app is available now and will roll out to users automatically over the coming days. You can install it now by searching for the ‘Plex for Xbox One’ app in the store.


Plex for Xbox One (v2.0.4)


  • Add ‘Allow fallback to insecure servers’ setting for users unable to connect to local servers
  • Subtitles disappearing during playback for some users
  • Wrong audio track playing when direct playing videos in certain situations
  • Remove support for EAC3 audio tracks in mkv containers
  • Crash when pressing back with a modal open
  • Crash when deleting item versions
  • Missing item version title on deletion confirmation modal


Plex for Xbox One (v2.0.5)


  • Identify the Xbox One X on Plex Web devices/now playing pages


Plex for Xbox One v2.1.1 is now rolling out for users


  • Brand new audio, video, and photo players.
  • Support for direct streaming HEVC video on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.
  • Support for mspeg4v2 and mspeg4v3 in mkv and avi containers and 4K vp9 support in webm containers.
  • Poster and list items titles will automatically scroll when they are too long to display in their entirety.
  • New ‘Play Version’, ‘Mark as Watched’, and ‘Delete’ modals.
  • Show insecure connection fallback options when primary server is unreachable but insecure connections are a possibility.


  • Improve app usability when system high contrast mode is enabled.
  • Fix tracks count on Album Pre-Play pages.
  • Fix loss of focus when exiting/entering player.
  • Fix loss of focus when returning from screensaver without user lock.
  • App no longer occasionally gets stuck in loading state after switching users.
  • Fixed preplay/library item details getting stuck in a loading state after switching users.
  • Shuffled play queues from playlists only containing the first 50 items.
  • Fixed the background of the items in the user switcher screen so they’re no longer tiled.


Plex for Xbox One v2.1.2 is now rolling out for users


  • Media Remote play/pause buttons not working in video player when OSD is hidden


Plex for Xbox One v2.2.1 is now rolling out for users


  • Added automatic fallback to transcode if direct stream video fails
  • Added default posters for artists/albums without artwork in search results
  • Channels are now referred to as Plugins


  • Fixed bitrate display issues. Music and smaller video bitrates should now display in kbps.
  • Fixed photo player strip cells popping in and sometimes showing incorrect images
  • Fixed the playlist page displaying incorrect name and duration
  • Fixed the text case in the header music player and user menu button
  • Fixed the OSD menu ("•••") button not being disabled for watch later/recommended/channel videos
  • Fixed the “Unavailable” badge not being consistently displayed in preplay pages
  • Fixed videos in playlists not prompting to resume
  • Fixed photo slideshows from photo channels not playing all photos
  • Fixed the user sometimes not being able to focus the photo strip when viewing photos from channels
  • Fixed theme music not stopping when browsing between search and preplay pages
  • Disabling UI logging to the Plex Media Server correctly prevents sending of log messages to the media server
  • Artist poster images are aligned at the top edge
  • Fixed playback error shown too early in a play queue
  • Lyrics are only available for the current playing track in the play queue
  • Player controls do not jump around when the durations change
  • Fixed companion video control in mixed photo/video libraries
  • Fixed some details in music playback such as the metadata using the album artist rather than the track artist and OSD appearing during track changes
  • Fixed the post play disappearing after screensaver is dismissed
  • Fixed titles sometimes unnecessarily scrolling
  • Fixed the error message displayed when playing an unavailable video from details page
  • Restore focus correctly in season details episodes list after playback
  • Fixed audio / video not playing when bandwidth restrictions and attempting to direct play


Plex for Xbox One v2.3.1 is now rolling out for users


  • Live TV with time shifting support
  • Updated the sources selector UI
  • Added sources modal
  • Added ability to reorder sources from sources modal
  • Added ability to hide sources from sources list
  • Added support for inline collections
  • Added automatic fallback to transcode if direct stream audio fails
  • Playing an item from the play queue will automatically close the play queue


  • Fixed the app sometimes showing incomplete lists when returning from the player
  • Fixed the error message displayed for unavailable videos
  • Fixed play/pause keys in player while the player controls are hidden
  • Fixed the first enter press when the player controls are hidden showing the controls and executing the active button action immediately
  • Fixed empty play queue when playing watch later/recommended videos
  • Fixed a rare bug where the app could become unresponsive when selecting a user
  • Fixed the PIN entry in user switching screen still being displayed after user presses back to close it
  • Fixed the exit confirmation dialog not being visible when user attempts to exit from user switching screen
  • Fixed missing focus after replaying the same video from post-play
  • Fixed missing post-play after returning from screensaver
  • Fixed possible crash when exiting players
  • Fixed play and pause remote and voice commands
  • Fixed console notifications appearing over videos


Live TV with timeshifting is now available to all Plex Pass users.



Plex for Xbox One v2.4.1 is now rolling out for users


  • Updated translations
  • Added direct play support for wmv2/vc1/wmav2 codecs in wmv containers


  • Fixed the titles for recently added TV shows
  • Fixed the player sometimes not being able to play watch later/recommended videos
  • Fixed bug that could cause app to fail to load
  • Fixed cases where playback would error or fallback to a transcode near the end of a video
  • Fixed some issues around player buffering indefinitely on start or while seeking