Plex HW acceleration in LXC container - anyone with success?



@ChuckPA - Step-by-step Guide is posted


Thank you.

I will transfer to Linux Tips, credit you, direct any errata to you?



I have a few questions:

  1. PMS download direct link is not advisable. 1.5.5 did not support HW transcode. Will this work with any version supporting HW transcoding?
  2. Do you know the link (or starting point) for Intel drivers (your step #2)


yes it will work - exchange it with the newest link and it’s fine.
(I was a bit lazy so I copied the link from another guide I used in the past)
the intel drivers are part of the normal Debian repository so apt-get will find it. It’s a standard package


Would you mind making those minor updates? I don’t want to make any mistakes.


updated the download link to the latest public Plex download


Looking good… Except:

You’re still using a direct-download link (wget) in the container.

Would you rework that such that:

  1. Download current via the web page
  2. Make the downloaded file available in the container.

If this isn’t possible, use the approach of right-click / copy URL for the desired version.


your suggestion is incorporated



Please proof read ?



Found some typos, but can‘t edit the post directly
3rd line in 1st Paragraph: erase ‚the‘
2nd titel: erase first ‚on‘ and erase ‚**‘ at the end
3rd Paragraph, 5th bullet: ‚gnu‘ should be ‚gpu‘

Rest Looks good


There you go. Edits applied.

Barring any last second gaffs on my part which you may find, It’s Open for business

Thank you for all your help and patience.



thank you for the great tutorial.

I have some small corrections:

xc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 226:0 rvm rwm
lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 226:128 rvm rwm
lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 29:0 rvm rwm
lxc.autodev: 1
lxc.autodev.hook: lxc.hook.autodev:/var/lib/lxc/100/



in the Post 12 - the corrections are valid. Sorry for the typos…


I do not see threads and posts as you do.

Please quote the text which is correct?



The ohne from 4Me



Edit’s applied. Please verify


lxc.autodev.hook needs to be changed additionally to lxc.hook.autodev


One last check?



From my side that‘s it. Thanks so much!


So, I’ve been digging all afternoon, trying to find a way to pass thru the USB TV Tuner that I have to my LXC Plex container on Proxmox. It took finding this guide and adapting it to my device, but I got it working I think, doing a channel scan with it now. WIll post a modified version of the guide to cover the Hauppauge USB tuner if it all works properly.