Plex is ignoring some folders but updating others



I have recently bought a new hard drive & am in the process of moving some of my TV shows & movies. I have copied the files across to the new destination, using the same folder structure. The files are of course named in exactly the same way as they were previously. I have not yet deleted the old copies and some TV Shows within Plex show 2 files per episode, as they should do, however others only show the OLD files. I have set up a new library, only pointing to the NEW location & so far it is finding all of the files, even the ones it can't find for the existing library. I have manually updated the library several times but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Why is Plex not finding some new files but not others?


There use to be a bug, not sure if it was fixed or not, where if you add 2 similarly named shows, Plex would combined them into 1. Could this be the case for you? If so, you can Plex dance one of the shows, and it should show up correctly. For the rest of what you are doing, if you have similarly named shows, copy them over 1 at a time, scan them, then add the second one and scan again.


No, that’s not the problem. When there are 2 files that Plex think are the same episode it puts a 2 in the corner of the episode thumbnail, and “info” shows you what those 2 files are. That’s what I WANT to happen because it would mean that Plex has found the files in their new location. It is doing that for some files but ignoring others.


Ok. You said they weren’t being found, so I thought maybe there were not showing up. If they are showing up but not combined with the old one, then it’s very likely a matching issue. Would need details on the files (old and new) and the XML for an episode (old and new) to see what is going on.


The files are identical, literally they have been copied from one place to another. Plex ‘sees’ the original but not the copy.

I didn’t think I could have been any clearer about this.
I copied a bunch of files. Plex ‘sees’ all of the originals but only some of the copies.
It’s not a matching issue because it hasn’t found the files that need to be matched.


So PMS didn’t pick up the files, either as new or a copy?

Update your old library, then get me the scanner log. And give me an example of something that is in this library and not getting picked up.


Please find attached the logs and a checklist of files which have and have not been found by Plex. All the files shown in the checklist exist in the new location with exactly the same file & folder structure as the old location (except Supergirl and Runaways which are only IN the new location).

Plex can be great…but other times it can be extremely annoying. Some of the features are really useful, but nowhere near essential- all I wanted was a way to access my hard drives from a Roku box.


I see these paths listed in your log.

E:\MediaGet Series
H:\MediaGet Movies
C:\Users\PLEX SERVER\Desktop\TV Series
I:\TV Series

Errors are reported trying to read the last 2.


Ignore the C drive reference, I need to delete that from the library.
The I drive is where all the copied folders/files are, what’re the errors & how do I fix them?



May 18, 2018 12:45:15.166 [1920] WARN - Filesystem error (boost::filesystem::last_write_time: The system cannot find the file specified: “I:\TV Series”) during scanning: 2 in “I:\TV Series”
May 18, 2018 12:45:15.166 [1920] ERROR - We got an error scanning in I:\TV Series

The scanner couldn’t even find the folder. Have you try playing back with Plex something you already copied over to I?


I think I’ve fixed the problem…I removed the drive with the copies from the library, let it update, and then re-added the drive…now all my files are available, including the copies.