Plex is setting premision to high on files it creates



I have just moved from running plex on a WD EX4100 to a WD PR4100. I have a batch job that copies the ts files off of the NAS to my pc so I can clean them up and convert them to MP4 before returning them. The job can access the directory structure ok but any files that Plex has created since the change over can not be read returning a windows system error 5.
I have tried accessing these files various ways Only two ways have been able to access them 1 is using the PLEX download the other is login on to the NAS as administrator and using the web file viewer via the setup menu. This process is very slow and interactive.

With the EX4100 install I just ran the job to get the files on to the PC now the jobs only good for getting a list of the files I can not copy.

I have full access to any files written by plex prior to moving it to the PR4100.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have had to resort to using a ssh session to change the permissions of all of the files/directories in the Video share I am using so that I can use my batch job on the pc .
I take it this not the place to ask for help. (judging by the lack of response)