Plex is unable to start [WebOS]



I have the PF1500W projector from LG running WebOS 03.00.18 and I'm trying to use the official Plex app. I was able to login one time (and only one time) and view my media, but after that, I've never again been successful. When I try to login, I see the following message:

Plex is unable to start due to an error.
Please start by using the Reset Plex button below, which will restore your default app settings, after which you can link to your Plex account again. If you continue having issues, please drop by our forums at and tell us about this in person.

...and following the app's advice, here I am. The "Reset Plex" button unfortunately doesn't help and I don't know what else to try.

Is anyone else hitting this? Is there anyway I can debug this further?


also have this problem but so far i have not found a fix for it.
reinstalling pms
same subnet
specifying my tv to not need authentification
secure connection: “prefered” and none
looking for firewall problems

xplay works, dlna works


My PF1500W has never worked along with Plex either. Here are some issues I had:

  1. No auto-login (no save settings)

  2. No updates

  3. Finally, unable to start

Personally, I had to buy other streaming boxes and move away from its native WebOS app. Or you may want to try Xplay which at least works much better than the official Plex app.

Very disappointing that Plex team never gives a single response to any of these issues.


I’m having all those issues with my PF1000UW as well. It started early this year around the Jan-Feb time. I come back every few months to see if it’s been fixed. Really disappointing to see more and more forum posts on this issue with no acknowledgement or assistance from Plex. It makes me angry when I get to that reset screen and see the “drop a comment on our forums” then see them ignoring all this.