Plex issue



Since 2 or 3 days, i get this message when i try to read a video on PLEX : "Cannot open this application because it is too large. The application will be terminated" and i have to go back to the Vewd (Opera TV) main menu...
Why is that, please ? I've just bought a Plex Pass and i can't use Plex anymore !


check your TV and see if there’s any restrictions towards app sizes or memory.
occasionally it can help to force end some other apps or to re-start the TV (reboot, no stand-by).


need more info. your setup, logs, and file trying to be played


Hi! My player is a Sony BDP S-5500 pluged to a videoprojector Benq W1100.
I use Opera TV (now called Vewd) to access PLEX app… The files i’m trying to play are .mp4 mostly.


Nobody, please…?